Programming Director

Hello! I’m Ana Lucero, the programming director of the Wisdom Academy.

Our first parenting session was the best one yet! We had a great turn out and amazing conversations between our groups of parents.

After a two-hour session, I had parents lining up to speak to me; they wanted to shake my hand with gratitude for the session they just participated in. One was in tears because she looked forward to our next meeting (October 27th!). During the session, we discussed proactive parenting vs. reactive parenting. We had a long circle conversation on how proactive parenting looks like at the grocery store. I invite you to listen to our audio recording above.

Overall, it is humbling to come back to the community I grew up in and be able to share my experience and expertise through the Wisdom Academy. It is hard not to see my parents in the faces of our audience.

I am Mexican-American; one of five children and like many of the parents that attend our sessions, my parents immigrated to Houston’s Southwest Gulfton when I was a toddler. I’ve walked the streets these parents walk on. I’ve taken the same metro bus routes our audience takes. I’ve played on the parks their children go to on the weekends. I’ve sold in the flea markets our parents go to on Sundays. I’ve felt the insecurity of our apartment homes being broken into, the constant fear of gang violence during the day and even worse at night. I know what it feels to pack our stuff and move from apartment to apartment, trying to find the best deal every six months.

I have been the child of the parents who now attend my program.

It’s exciting to be able to work with different organizations and schools in the Gulfton and Sharpstown communities. I look forward to this school year program and know that as we continue to work together, the community I grew up in will only continue to blossom.

I welcome our parents and children to attend our next session!