Eunice’s Dream, PT2

The Dream of Many People

By Eunice 

I roared like a lion and to my surprise, the world heard me.
Tears of joy ran through my tingling eyes 
I looked below me 
My feet stood firm on the ground 
But was I floating?
Words of wisdom flew from my mouth 
Words about a dream
A dream I was now living 
Suddenly the mad and crazy fans erupted in cheers
I could not believe my eyes and ears
I was standing in front of thousands 
A girl from the slums of Kibera  
Speaking my dreams and truths to the world
Like a blaring trumpet
Declaring that I am HERE
Live onstage in New York City 
Their cheers embraced me
I basked in their love
People can come from far.
I came from a nasty, awkward, neglected world
Told as a poor girl I would never amount to much
But the voice in me knew better
When the world tried to make me weak this voice kept me strong
This voice told me to dream.
This voice told me to fight
A dream that taught me all you need is perseverance and determination
That these alone could take me from the streets of a slum to the hearts of the world, and then back again.
And now I believe i can become the voice of the voiceless. And together we can fight to make a difference.  My struggle is in the world and the world is in me.  This is my dream, this is our dream.  

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